What is Hometown Telehealth?

It happens to all of us. A sick child before school that may be contagious? Can’t get to your primary care physician until the afternoon? Feeling ill at work and unable to leave or can’t miss the following day?

Today there is a solution. Hometown Telehealth is ‘virtually’ bringing a local provider to you via mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Speak with a Hometown Care Provider today!

All insurances accepted, including Medicare & Medicaid
Self-pay option available too.

Hometown Telehealth app is available in the Android and iPhone app store
or right from your computer equipped with a camera and microphone.


The Hometown Difference

Local providers – why speak with a provider out of state when we’re near your hometown.

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday  8am-7pm  /  Weekends  9am-5pm

Hometown Guarantee – If you can’t be treated over the telehealth platform or if you’re still not feeling well,
You can visit your nearest Hometown Urgent Care and we’ll apply your payment towards your deductible or cost of service.

Easy and Simple to Use – The privacy of your home, business or place of travel.

Quick and Convenient

Get signed up to speak with a provider (download our app today). The average online visit takes only 10 minutes.

Receive online medical help for some of the most common conditions:

Sore Throat,
and so much more!